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Volac Feed Additives is dedicated to developing cutting-edge product-based agricultural solutions and species-specific programs designed to improve animal health and performance.

Our philosophy is based on fundamental principles that underline the importance of the animals’ internal and external biological systems and their subsequent impact on health and well-being.

A thorough understanding of farming production systems is essential before we apply our Smart Science TM and core scientific competencies in microbiology, biochemistry, enzymology and immunology.  With this knowledge the challenges are identified and key technologies applied to build product-based solutions. 

We  supply our products through a reputable network of agricultural
distributors, operating across the world. Our distributors are supported
through our exceptional customer service and product support.

Our operation is based from one location; with production, customer service
and product R&D all working together. This enables us to ensure exceptional product quality and consistency to all of our distributors customers, and the farmers.

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